Outlets & Switches

Outlets & Switches

Santa Clarita Electrical Repair & Installation

Outlets and switches are an essential element to the electrical system in your home or business, and it is absolutely critical that they are functioning properly. Not only do broken or poorly functioning outlets and switches prevent you from using the electricity at your space, but they also may pose numerous hazards. Beyond simply not functioning, there are a variety of signs indicating that you may require repair or replacement in the building.

In order to ensure safety, it is important to hire the services of an experienced and knowledgeable Santa Clarita electrical repair company for the job. Our team at John K. McCraw Electrical provides both installation and repair services for residential and commercial outlets and switches, and is ready to assist with your needs!

Some of the common signs that your outlets or switches need repair or replacement include:

  • A noticeable cracking sound when switches are turned on
  • Flickering lights when switches are turned on
  • Plugs are falling out of the outlets very easily
  • Outlets that either partially or completely lose power when something is plugged in
  • Older plugs that are two-prong
  • Burn marks or brown discoloration on the outlets
  • Outlets that feel warm or hot to the touch
  • Blue sparks that occur when appliances are plugged into the outlets

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From installation in brand new homes to outlet and switch upgrades to simple and complex repair, our Santa Clarita electricians do it all. By choosing an expert company such as ours, you can prevent the risk of high voltage shocks, fires, and other problems that come with trying to fix problems or complete projects on your own.

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